Neuroscience Giants

Regardless of the apparent short life of Modern Neuroscience, the uninterrupted progress of this discipline makes the period of over the last 100 years a repository of landmarks and key discoveries, that endow us with a solid source of knowledge into how the brain works.

This website will take on a journey trough those milestones and key neuroscientific discoveries, and the minds behind them, that are the core of the field. This journey will take place in the frame of the present, analizing current news within the field, that will be linked, making an effort of mind, with the roots of our founding ancestry.

Ultimately, it is a commemoration to the known expression popularized by Isaac Newton “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”, wich at the end it’s about understanding and making progress, by reminding and using the experience and legacy of our predecessors, who allow us to amplify our human experience by extending the perspective beyond our time.

Thanks to this way of operating, by looking back, we can effectively follow the chain of science, and contribute with what it’s possible in this precise moment in time.

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